Waves of Rote

As an island nestled in the far East of Indonesia, Rote receives swells with some of the longest fetches of the entire indonesian archipelago. With it’s crystal clear, year round warm waters, consistent trade winds in season and glassy days in the off season, along with an abundance of swell, it’s a true surfers paradise.

Our front yard


Boa Vida sits on the hillside overlooking one of Rote’s best waves, Bo’a.  A famous wave, known as a wave of many moods depending on the swell, wind and tide, can provide a powerful long barreling wave one day, to fun and playful long walls the next.

With a solid swell and low tide, Bo’a can be a heavy, spitting, barreling beast, that breaks perfectly along the entire reef. As the tide pushes in, the wave wraps wider into the deep channel, making for longer more rippable walls. 

A remote island of shore from Boa


Right in front of Bo’a Vida, on the horizon you can see Pulau Dana. There is a beautiful almond shaped left-hander that requires a solid swell from the right to break. With an easy takeoff, the wave brings you into the shallow inside of the reef that turns into a barrel you won’t forget.

Located inside a small natural pass, the reef on the north side also produces a fun and easier right-hander. We can hire a boat for you that pick you up at Bo’a Vida.

Indonesia’s longest left


T-land is commonly referred to as Indoesias longest left. Breaking along a perfectly shaped, long piece of reef known locally as Besialo, T-Land has several peaks that link together on a good swell. In front of Nembrala, it is the island’s busiest wave and normally has people in the water, but the multiple peaks and sheer length of this wave spreads any crowds.

It’s a long wall with the occasional almond barrel sections, that can handle almost any size. You can get water taxis from the harbour, otherwise prepare for a very long paddle out to the peaks.

Pandang Padangs East Indo cousin 


A very fickle left-hander that needs a large swell and the conditions to align to come alive. But when it does, this wave is a beast, best left to the advanced surfers.

Multiple heavy barrel sections break down a shallow reef in a quiet part of the island. If you know what you’re doing, and get the chance to score here, it will be the barrel session of a lifetime.

A remote right hander


Do’o is an intense right-hander that wraps hard around the east end of the uninhabited island Do’o.

On its day Do’o is a barrel machine, throwing long perfect barrels as it bends into the shallow inside. The remotenss of this wave and the shallow inside makes it best left to advanced surfers.

Deep water barrels

Sucky Mamas

Named Sucky Mamas when discovered by traveling surfers who couldn’t pronounce the name of the village this wave breaks offshore from and about 1km from land, Suckies feels like surfing in the middle of the ocean. With an extremely deep channel, this is a great spot to watch from the boat if you aren’t feeling up for solid barrels. 

A strong rip on the inside pulls you deeper into the lineup and big sets break on a second section meaning it’s easy to get caught inside here. But it’s all worth it for the barrels. 

Beginner friendly


Rote isn’t just all barrels and heavy waves. Located 300m north of the Nemberala harbor, it is a spot for local kids or beginners to learn how to surf. Soft rolling waves near the shore allow for first timers or those less confident in the water to learn and have fun. It breaks on higher tides and over deeper water making it perfect for mini mals and beginner boards.