Surfing in Rote

Uncrowded waves at your doorstep

As an island nestled in the far East of Indonesia, Rote receives swells with some of the longest fetches of the entire indonesian archipelago. With it’s crystal clear, year round warm waters, consistent trade winds in season and glassy days in the off season, along with an abundance of swell, it’s a true surfers paradise.


The Waves of Rote

With everything from beginner-friendly deep water peaks like Squealers, through to thick-lipped shallow slabs, Rote has a wide range of waves to suit everyone’s taste and preference. Home to Indonesias longest left and some of it’s best rights, explore some of the waves of Rote.


Rote Surf Seasons

Just like the weather and most surf locations around Indonesia, Rote’s surf is defined by 2 seasons: the dry and wet season. With consistent trade winds in the dry season meaning its offshore all day everyday, and variabe and light winds in the off season making for perfect glassy sessions. Rote is an island with swell on tap for most of the year.


Traveling to Rote with surfboards

Traveling anywhere in the world with surfboards can be difficult sometimes. Airline restrictions and on-the-ground logistics can stand in the way of getting your favorite stick into the lineup with you. To help you out, here is everyhing you need to know about traveling to Rote with surfboards.