Bo’a Vida

Secluded Cliff Top Resort in Rote, Indonesia

Welcome to Boa Vida Rote

Time stands still at Asia’s southernmost cliff top resort.

A warm island welcome to Bo’a Vida.

A clifftop resort on the southernmost tip of Asia, on the paradise island of Rote, where time stops and worries are left behind. Where sustainable stays, seamlessly integrates with nature, surf, adventure, and local community. 

Where the good life, or as it translates ‘Boa Vida’, awaits.

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Rote Island Resort

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“Bo’a Vida is what Heaven must look like. It’s been a month since I’m back and I’m still wondering if the time I spent there wasn’t a dream.”
Joaquin Fasano, Google Review

“Boa Vida is just amazing! This place is the last paradise on the planet Earth.”
Jan Breus, Google Review

“What an experience! Bo’a Vida is one of a kind.”
Cara Holden, Google Review

Rote Island Indonesia

Discover the island of Rote, Indonesia

The Island

Learn more about the Island of Rote

Off the beaten track Rote is an island with a rich history, tales of witchcraft, clans and sacred traditions. From rolling hills and plantations of the interior, to thriving mangroves, secret lagoons, pink lakes and the perfect crystal clear blue waters of the Timor Sea. Rote leaves everyone enchanted and with a deep desire to return.

Surfing In Rote

A surfer’s paradise, Rote is home to many great waves

Until recently, Rote has been a well kept secret within a community of surfers willing to go the extra mile for quiet perfect waves. As transport connections improved and the word spread, Rote has become a dream destination for surfers year round.


Discover yoga and wellness at Boa Vida

Boa Vida was built to be a place where you can completely disconnect from the world, recharge, and unwind while enjoying the peace and beauty of Rote. Our range of wellness treatments from massage to facials are sure to leave you totally reset.