Experience Rote Island’s beautiful coastline whilst guided by an experienced sailor atop one of the island’s best boats. Witness a variety of the island’s hidden beaches and surround yourself by turquoise waters while you sit back and relax.


Discover Rote Island’s beautiful landscape on wheels:
From arid and rocky terrain to dense greenery and hilly plains in-land, you will see the variety of landscapes across Rote Island. With such a beautiful coastline, you can stop by at any secluded beach and enjoy the clear waters for a swim to cool down, or simply enjoy the sight of local animals running wild and watch the friendly people waving from their traditional villages along the way.


Experience amazing GT action from Bo’a Vida’s very own cliff edge only two steps away from the villa. The waterways, bays and nearby islands offer an excellent fishing adventure, so don't forget your spinning rod! Here, anglers of all levels can appreciate a wide variety of species, such as Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo, Giant and Bluefin Trevally, Barracuda, Spanish mackerel and many more.


Explore one of Indonesia’s most beautiful ecosystems and kayak your way through the dense mangroves with an experienced tour guide. Witness crystal clear waters and listen to the birds and wildlife, as they come alive when you paddle through one of the island’s best-kept secrets.


Become a qualified diver or go on a diving tour and experience Rote’s best marine life. See manta rays, dolphins and whale sharks up close or swim the shallow reefs using one of our snorkel sets.


There s a nearby sandy beach, just a 5 minute drive from Bo’a, called Kite Beach. This beautiful white beach is stretched across the bay and provides excellent conditions for kite and windsurfing during the months of July and August specially, when a constant South East wind hits the coast. During the other months of the year, it is a beautiful place to swim and relax under the shady trees. It’s definitely not one to miss!