The Seasons of Rote Island

As you plan your tropical getaway, it is helpful to understand our island’s distinct seasons. Like most places in Indonesia, Rote boasts two main seasons: the dry season and the wet season.

Dry Season

May – September: Crisp Days and Clear Skies

Enjoy dryer, cooler temperatures, courtesy of regular southeast trade winds with average temperature around 25-26 degrees Celsius. Out of the cooling breeze and in the sunshine it can feel very warm.

It’s important to remember sun protection this time of the year when surfing as refreshing water and cooling breeze makes burning under the tropical sun an easy mistake.

Air Temperature

Average 25-26 degrees Celsius.


Clear and uninterrupted blue skies.

Water Temperature

Average 27-28 degrees Celsius.

Wet Season

November – February: Rainfall and Lush Landscapes

The temperatures start to rise in the wet season, with higher humidity and a lack of the seasonal southeast trade winds the average temperatures climbs up to 28-30 degrees Celsius.

Expect some rain, particularly in December and January. It rarely rains all day but showers can be fast and heavy with some intense thunderstorms. There is something so peaceful about watching a lightning storm out at sea from Boa Vida.

Rote island bursts into life with the rains, witness the island’s flora thriving with an array of colors and scents.

Air Temperature

Average 28-30 degrees Celsius.


Short heavy showers and rainbows

Water Temperature

Average 29-30 degrees Celsius.