About Boa Vida Rote

Bo’a Vida’s philosophy is intertwined with a commitment to sustainable luxury, local community engagement, and the seamless integration of adventure, nature, and true island living.


 Bo’a Vida’s philosophy centers around creating a small eco-hideaway that provides a unique and immersive experience for adventure, surf, and nature enthusiasts. The focus is on true island living, offering private suites with accompanying cliff-side restaurants and a secluded beach cove. The emphasis is on tranquility, spectacular views, and a personalized experience with only three rooms.

The philosophy extends to a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, with the eco-hotel constructed from local materials by local craftsmen. The incorporation of hydro-gardens reflects a dedication to water conservation, and the use of solar power aligns with a green approach.

Bo’a Vida goes beyond being a mere retreat, actively contributing to the local community. This involves giving English lessons, encouraging social activities, and supporting the local school by adding books to its library. The establishment also facilitates interactions where guests can share life stories or personal experiences, with a particular focus on promoting the importance of education.

Ultimately, Bo’a Vida aims to host guests in a way that makes them feel at home on the paradisiacal island while fostering a harmonious connection between nature, local culture, and the individual.