While staying at Bo’a Vida, you will enjoy one of the best surfs in Rote. Just at your doorstep you can enjoy Bo’a’s famous wave, known as a wave of many moods.

Depending on the swell, wind and tide, this break can provide a powerful barreling wave one day, to fun and playful long walls the next. The best time to surf is dependent on the day, but usually the low tide coming in or the outgoing tide is the best time to hit this spot.

To reach the wave during the high tide, just paddle across the reef once you leave Bo’a Vida or walk across the reef during low tide. This wave is very easy to access, as the wave is very close to the shore, moreover the current usually brings you straight to the point.

If your feet are sensitive and you are not used to walking on reef, we recommend bringing booties with you as it can be sharp for some. The best board to ride this wave depends on the day, but when a swell comes in you can count on steep drops and fast moving waves and barrels. On the smaller days, any type of board can be fun.

Best size: 2ft – 8ft. Light winds or no wind.