Our aim at Bo’a Vida is to create a small eco-hideaway where adventure, surf and nature lovers can explore and get a taste of true island living. Bo’a Vida’s private suites are accompanied by a cliff side Restaurant and a private cove for a hideaway beach swim. The tranquility and spectacular views are one of a kind. That’s why we want our guests to fully immerse themselves and enjoy everything this beautiful island has to offer. With only three rooms, we try to keep your experience with us as personal as possible.

At Bo’a Vida, we value the local environment and highly respect nature. As a result, we built and furnished this eco hotel from local materials with the help of local craftsmen. We also created hydro-gardens to be able to reuse water and preserve this source as much as possible. We are also very happy to be solar powered.

Bo’a Vida contributes to the local community by giving english lessons. Some of our guests like to participate in social activities and we encourage them to bring books that are still in good conditions so we can add them to the school library. We also organize small presentations at Boa school with guests that want to share an interesting life story or personal experience. We always try to connect and orient these lessons towards the importance of education.

We hope to have the pleasure of hosting you and make you feel at home on this paradisiac island.