Tree House

This house is a one bedroom bungalow on stilts, positioned right on top of the cove. It is open to the elements with a king size bed and a veranda upstairs, an outdoor bathroom and a living room and deck space downstairs, all overlooking the ocean.
The Tree House gives you the feeling of being right on top of the ocean, where you will enjoy the freshness of the passing breeze and completely relax listening to the steady sound of the sea.

We pay special attention to the sleeping comfort of our guests, as we believe holidays are made to restore your body. As a result, we have chosen the best quality mattresses and cotton linen materials for your enjoyment.
If you have light sleep and are sensitive to the sound sea remember to bring ear plugs.
  • Tree house
  • Tree house bedroom
  • Tree house view


Our rates are 90 USD per person per day and it includes 3 meals a day.
80 USD per person per day if half board.
The minimum occupancy in the tree house is two people.