Waves of Rote’s south-west coast



At your doorstep, you can admire the Queen of NTT, or the wave of many moods. Depending on the swell, wind and tide, this break can provide a powerful barreling wave one day to fun and playful long walls the next. The best time to surf is dependent on the day, but usually the low tide coming in or the outgoing tide is the best time to hit this spot.

To reach the wave during high tide, just paddle across the reef once you leave Bo’a Vida or walk across the reef during low tide. The inside of this reef gets very shallow and sharp, so beware. The best board to ride this wave depends on the day, but when a swell comes in you can count on steep drops and fast moving waves and barrels. On the smaller days, any type of board can be fun.

Best size: 2ft – 8ft. Light winds or no wind.


Right in front of Pulau Dana’s military base, there is a beautiful almond shaped left-hander that requires a solid swell from the right to break. With an easy takeoff, the wave brings you into the shallow inside of the reef that turns into a barrel you won’t forget. Located inside a small natural pass, the reef on the north side also produces a fun and easier right-hander. Hire a boat from Nemberala or Oeseli. Best time to surf is on a mid to high tide, or on a high tide going out.

Best size 3ft – 6ft. Light southeast trade winds or east winds.


A long left-hander with varying take off sections, which provides a very long ride when joined with the right swell direction. A board with a bit more volume and paddle power is recommended and a gun for the big days. During high tide, you can paddle through the lagoon or walk the reef at low tide. The most comfortable option, however, is to hire a boat which will wait for you while you surf. Estimate price is 80,000 IDR return.

Best size from 2ft – 15ft, southeast trade winds.


A multi-section barreling left hander and a typical example of a classic Indo reef. It needs a big swell to work and is a sight to behold.


Intense right-hander on the southern tip of this uninhabited island.


Located 300m north of the Nemberala harbor, it is a spot for local kids or beginners to learn how to surf. Soft rolling waves near the shore allow for first timers or those less confident in the water to learn and have fun. It breaks on higher tides making it perfect for mini mals and beginner boards.

Sucky Mamas

Located in front of the village of Sukimon, Sucky Mamas is about 2km north of Nemberala. It is a hollow right-hander with the ability to produce some great barrels. Watch the rips and shifting peaks. Better on a rising midtide or a high tide going out. Bring a board that paddles well and can handle hollow waves and steep walls. Best option to reach this peak is through boat hire from Nemberala harbor.

There are more waves in the area, just waiting to be discovered on the right conditions...