Our aim at Bo’a Vida is to create a small eco-hideaway where adventure, surf and nature lovers can explore and get a taste of true island living. We want our guests to fully immerse themselves and enjoy everything this beautiful island has to offer.

At Bo’a Vida, we value the local environment and highly respect nature. As a result, we built and furnished our villas with local materials with the help of local craftsmen. We also created hydro-gardens to be able to reuse water and preserve this source as much as possible. We are also very proud to be 100% solar powered.

When it comes to food, we pride ourselves in providing fresh and simple meals that are always sourced locally and organically as much as possible. With the help of our local staff, we prepare a variety of dishes, mostly influenced by Indonesia’s large selection of herbs and spices that we are sure you will love. From fruits and vegetables, to local meat or fish, we can guarantee your taste buds will be in for a treat.

With only three rooms available, we try to keep your experience with us as exclusive and personal as possible. With this in mind, our team at Bo’a Vida will become an extended family with one goal in mind:
Make you feel at home.