Immerse yourself in a sanctuary where the only noise you will hear is the waves breaking against the cliff and the chirping of birds during the day. This will allow you to completely disconnect from every day life so you can enjoy your own tropical paradise.

Bo’a Vida is set on top of the headland at Bo’a Beach, overlooking the world-class wave of Bo’a and it’s beautiful white sand beaches.

From the property, you have access to three different beaches: a private cove, Bo’a and Back Bo’a Beach.

The cove is Bo’a Vida’s gem, which is hidden from the main beach. With natural pools at low tide and beautiful caves to provide shelter from our sunny skies, it is a magical spot for all our guests.

The other two beaches, Bo’a and Back Bo’a are also located right next to the property and each of them has a wave. The main advantage of these beaches is that you always have a place to swim, even at the lowest tide of the month, which is a rare thing on this coast.

Our local craftsmen have built 2 individual villas, which are 100% solar powered. By using local materials such as thatched roofs made by coconut leaves, local timber and intricate rock work, the aim of each building is to naturally blend in with the surrounding environment. The houses provide our guests with stunning views of Bo’a’s unique surroundings within the privacy and comfort of your own room.

Beach House

The Beach House consists of two cozy bedrooms with bedside views to the Bo’a surf break and its pristine water.

The mezzanine room has two floors with a king size bed on the top and a queen size bed on the ground floor. It has an outdoor bathroom enclosed by beautiful rockwork walls and greenery that blends into the surroundings.

The attic room has a king size bed and a cozy terrace inviting you to stargaze at night. It has its own indoor bathroom on the ground level below.

The main living room is open and spacious and always cooled by the fresh sea breeze. Adjacent to the dining area, you can sit and enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and Bo’a’s very own wave. Here, you will be able to enjoy the meals prepared by our staff or simply kick back and relax while taking in the unique vibe of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

The Beach House is rented as a whole, which is perfect for families or a group of friends.
  • Mezzanine room view
  • Beach house
  • Mezzanine room
  • Living
  • Attic room view
  • Attic Room


Our rates are 90 USD per person per day and it includes 3 meals a day.
80 USD per person per day if half board.
If 5 or 6 people we will give you a significant discount, please send us an email for more information.
The minimum occupancy in the Beach House is 4 people.