Sailing Trips

Go on a sightseeing tour on a sailing boat around the beautiful coastline.
Guided by an experienced sailor you are be able to to find hidden beaches with turquoise water and experience Rote’s marine life snorkeling.


Inland Trips

Discover Rote’s beautiful landscape on wheels:
Stop at one of the various secluded hidden beaches on the way to have a swim and cool down, or explore traditional villages to catch a bit of the laid back rotenese way of living.



From Boa Vida's cliff, two steps away from the house and during change of tides you can also experience amazing GT action so do not forget to pack your spinning rod.
The waterways, bays and nearby islands offer an excellent fishing adventure and anglers will appreciate a wide variety of species. Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo, Giant and Bluefin Trivially, Barracuda, Spanish Mackerell and many others will provide enjoyment to novice as well as experienced anglers.



Explore one of Indonesia’s exciting and beautiful yet endangered ecosystems and kayak your way through the mangroves.



Enjoy the versatile marine life Rote has to offer.
Either develop your diving credentials and go on a diving tour around the numerous reefs of the island in order to see wildlife such as manta rays, dolphins and whale sharks, or just go and explore the beaches around with one of our snorkeling-sets.