Where is Bo’a Vida located?

Bo’a Vida’s biggest advantage is its location. 15 minutes by car away from Nembrala and secluded from main roads, but directly in front of a world class wave in a not frequented beach, our guests are able to enjoy their most peaceful and romantic vacation. map

How do I get to Bo’a Vida?

There are two flights a day from Kupang to Rote Island and vice versa, operated by Wings Air.
You can buy the domestic plane tickets trough the websites: traveloka.com or tiket.com.

From Bali (DPS)

Kupang (KOE) to Bali (DPS)

  • The safest of all options is to take the afternoon flight operated by Lion Air at 15:00 pm. Although cancellations for this flight are rare, you still have the option to catch the morning ferry and make it on time if this were to happen.
    Another option we recommend is to book the Garuda Airlines flight at 13:30 pm, but please be informed that by booking this flight, you will not be able to catch the morning ferry as it does not allow for enough time to travel from the harbour to the airport.

If you are travelling with surfboards bigger than 6,2 feet, we recommend you to book the flight operated by Wings Air. There is a policy in Kupang airport that no boards longer than 6,2 feet can be checked in the Kupang - Rote flight. If you book the Wings Air flight Denpasar - Rote, they will check your boards in Bali and you will collect them in Rote. This flight makes a 35 minute stop in Kupang, however you do not have to leave the plane.

  • Wings Airline
    Flight departs Denpasar, Bali (DPS) at 11.25 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 14.35 pm.
  • Wings Airline
    Flight departs Kupang (KOE) at 15.10 pm and arrives in Ba’a Rote Island (RTI) at 15.40 pm.

If you are travelling with no boards, or smaller boards than 6,2 feet, you also have the option of travelling with the Garuda flight. Garuda Airline Flight departs Denpasar, Bali (DPS) at 10.55 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 12.50 am.

If you are taking another airline which is not the ones above, please make sure that the flight from Denpasar to Kupang arrives before 13.30 pm, to have sufficient time to connect.

From Jakarta (CGK)
  • Batik Air
    Departs at 02.30am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 06.30am. From there you are able to take the plane at 7:30 am. There is also a fast ferry to Ba’a Harbor (details below).
  • Lion Air
    Flight departs at 05.00 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 10.00 am.
  • Batik Air
    Flight departs at 08.40 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 12.40 am.
  • Wings Air
    The afternoon flight departs Kupang (KOE) at 15.10 and arrives Ba’a, Rote Island (RTI) at 15.40 pm.

WINGS AIR gives 10kg baggage allowance and two small pieces hand luggage. Extra weight is 14.500IDR per Kg.(1.10USD).
Surfboards are charged 200.000IDR (16USD) per surfboard, but be aware they have size restrictions, if your board is bigger than 6,2 feet might be not allowed on the plane and they will send it with the ferry.
Garuda does not charge for surfboards domestically as long as it in within your 20 kilo luggage allowance.


Rote (RTI)

  • Flight departs Rote (RTI) at 7:30 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 7.55 am.
    In the airport of Rote, they are not so strict with the surfboards policy. We will always try to help you checking the boards on the plane, however if by any chance you are not allowed, we can send the boards on the ferry for you and you will be able to pick them up in Kupang.

Kupang (KOE) to Bali (DPS)

  • We recommend you to take the afternoon flight operated by Lion Air. We suggest this flight, as we believe is the safest option. In case there would be a cancellation of the morning flight from Rote to Kupang, you would still have enough time to catch the morning ferry.

Lion Air

  • Flight departing 15.00 pm

Kupang (KOE) to Jakarta (CGK)

  • We recommend you the following two flights for the same reason as mentioned above; it gives you enough time to travel with the fast ferry, in case there would be any flight cancellation.

Lion Air

  • Flight departing 15.05 pm


  • Flight departing at 16.50 pm

We always recommend our guests to travel with travel insurance as in Indonesia we are weather dependant. Additionally we advise our guests to leave a minimum of 24 hours time to catch their onward international flights, to have enough time to reach Bali, Jakarta or Surabaya for your onward flight.


Kupang - Rote

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 08:30am and 14:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday: 08:30am

Rote - Kupang

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 08.30am
Tuesday, Wednesday: 11am

A Ticket costs 160.000 IDR (12USD) VIP Class or 120.000 IDR (8USD) Executive Class one way and takes about 1.5 hours.

What if the weather is bad and ferries don’t go?

Even if you plan to come and leave with the ferry we always recommend to get a plane ticket, both ways, as a back up. So you do not risk not having a seat.

What can I expect of the food served at Bo’a Vida?

At Bo’a Vida we aim to provide our guests with a fresh, balanced and healthy menu.
We try to source as many of our products organically and local as possible. We do our own wholegrain bread, burger buns, wraps, coconut milk, pesto, hummus, peanut butter amongst others.

For breakfast we usually serve coconut water and a fruit salad bowl with home made granola and coconut milk. After that, you can choose your egg on your preferred style served on home made bread. We also have other alternatives such as: quinoa-chia coconut porridge with fruits or gluten free coconut pancakes.
For lunch and dinner our guests can expect a varied choice of indonesian and international meals.
We usually comunicate to our guests two options for lunch and dinner. Most of our guests let us surprise them with creating a varied menu where they can try all our dishes during their stay.

If you require a special diet please contact us in advance and we will try and help with your requirements.

How is electricity and water provided at Bo’a Vida?

We are proud to inform you that we are 100% solar powered, meaning that all the electricity used for our guests and operation is provided by the sun. We are not connected to the main power grid and provide enough clean sustainable electricity 24 hours a day.
There is a back-up generator in case of extended cloudy weather, where generator power will be needed to charge batteries.

At the moment we are still trucking our water but we have plans to install a desalination plant in near future, allowing us to be completely off the grid.

All our wastewater is treated through pre-assembled septic tanks and grease traps, and filtered into our hydro-gardens.

Is there internet access in the residence?

There is 3G on the area. We recommend you to buy a simcard (Telkomsel or Simpati) at Bali or Jakarta airport. This way you have internet during your journey and during your stay with us. In case that you could not do it on arrival, there is a shop in Nembrala where they can install it for you.

Are there ATM machines and money changers on Rote Island?

We advise you to do all your banking in Bali/Jakarta/Kupang, as the ATMs on the island are unreliable and do not accept many foreign cards. Changing money is possible but only USD are accepted and normally changing is at very high rates.

What to bring to Rote?

Prepare yourself for a remote tropical beach destination. Your swimming suit, sandals and a book would be enough, but here is a list of some things you might need:

  • boards
  • wax, fin keys, extra leg-rope
  • sunscreen
  • torch
  • light sweatshirt for the cooler nights and for traveling as the AC can get cold in Indonesian airplanes and ferries
  • sneakers for walking excursions
  • good pair of sandals as the terrain in Rote is quite rocky
  • books for lazy afternoons and evenings
  • camera
  • travel insurance
  • food specialties you can not renounce and might be unavailable in Rote
  • rote sky is mostly clear and sunny, protecting yourself with adequate clothes is the best way to avoid sunburns. Do not forget a long sleeve shirt or rush guard and long pants (leggings can work)
  • reef booties to walk on the reef and beaches
  • hat for water activities

If you would like to help us with our volunteering program at the school, you could bring any school material along with you, such as: notebooks, pencils and English books for kids. Every Sunday we give free English lessons to Bo’a Village.

How do I get around on the Island?

In order to let you be mobile and independent during your stay, we offer you the possibility of renting motorbikes with board-racks. With them you can go on your own around the island looking for secluded hidden beaches, traditional villages or the other surf breaks around.
When you decide to do any of the activities we are offering (inland tours, kayaking the mangroves, diving tours etc) our driver will be escorting you in our car to the specific location.

Is there surfboard rentals and surf schools in Rote?

There is a surfboard rental service located in Nembrala as well as a variety of surf instructors around the island. If you wish to rent boards or having surf lessons we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Are there hospitals in Rote?

At Bo’a Vida we do provide a first aid kit for minor injuries. There is also a basic health center in Nembrala and hospital in Ba'a, but you should not expect them to be able to treat more serious issues.
Siloam hospital is a reputable chain of hospitals in Indonesia, and have just opened new facilities in Kupang.


Is there any nightlife in Rote?

Yes! Activities such as stargazing, midnight beach-walks, night-swimming or having a deep and relaxing sleep listening to the sound of waves… just to name a few.

Are there mosquitoes?

One of the biggest advantages of Rote being arid is that you barely have mosquitoes most of the year, only during the month of March and beggining of April after the rainy season.